Why am I writing a book in 2015?

If you’re constantly beating yourself up with this menacing question, don’t worry, you’re a part of a chosen crowd of people whose attention is longer than 140 characters and 6 second videos. You have a vision, a story that needs to be told. Your imagination is stretching the limits social media has offered you. Now if you’re like me, you’re in a much smaller crowd of authors. I’ve travelled down the fictional road and written a sci fi, fantasy novel (Voyage of Truth) and planning on writing 4 more in the future. Now you ask, why is the sci fi market harder? In my opinion is, it’s trying to explain to readers what your unique worlds about. It’s already difficult to find your niche demographic and convincing strangers to read it. Now I have to reconstruct what’s normal in world and translate it through writing in an entertaining and clever way.

Now let me give you a back story of where I, Dion Lack comes from. I originally was a stand-up comedian in the Los Angeles circuit and pretty good at it. Look me up on YouTube. I became a ghostwriter for a few well known comedians, YouTubers and Viners. At the same time I’ve written sketches and scripts for myself and shoot them under my production company LackToast Entertainment.  I was in Love! My business partner and I pumped out several quality projects and received a lot of respect from our friends and their circles. Then we started thinking bigger, film festivals. We began to write, direct and film short films. Yeah buddy, two in total. There’s something about creating a film on your own that’s exciting and liberating.  But we didn’t stop there. We were addicted to the film market so I decided to develop an ongoing analogy joke to a script that’s been in my set for years. Uh oh but there was one problem, it was something unfamiliar and out of my comfort zone. I’ve never written a book and I don’t know anyone personally who’s done it. Clearly this genre was something I wasn’t known for and I didn’t want to appear as a thirsty entertainer jumping careers because “things didn’t work out as planned”. Let’s be honest, that’s embarrassing to market to people who knew my previous work. So I did what anybody else would do, I PANICKED! I prolonged the process and never had intentions of ever mentioning this science fiction project I had brewing. At that time, Harry Potter Deathly Hollows had just came out and broke international records in the box office and I became inspired all over again. There is a market for science fiction I just needed to find my audience like J.K. Rowlings. So there I decided to convert my script into a novel! And Voila!  Here I am, started off as a joke, then grew to a script which sparked the start of a 5 part book.

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